Friday, May 14, 2010

My Bio

I had to put together a bio for the Maple Mountain Writers Guild website (coming soon!) I was really struggling with what to say that would show a reader how cool I am, why my life is amazing and why they should read my stuff. Let me tell you, that's NOT easy. So after much toil I finally came up with this:

*I tried to keep it as close to the truth as possible*

NaTahsha Ford’s life was struck with tragedy at the tender ago of one, when her parents were grotesquely murdered by the most formidable villain the wold had ever seen. He was unaware of her super powers and was destroyed, but in the process he marked her as the chosen one who would save the world from all evil.

She was taken in by a kind man who was secretly her grandfather, and leader of an ancient secret society. He taught her to hone her powers, solve riddles and decipher codes.

As she grew, her intelligence was unmatched, and her intoxicating beauty blossomed into something desired by boys near and far. Her high school years were marked by an intense love triangle between a blood lusting vampire and an immature, yet sexy werewolf. She was strong willed and powerful enough to realize that she didn’t need either of them. She kicked them both to the curb and continued on her quest looking for her true love, one who did not want to eat her and wasn’t half dog.

NaTahsha never lived the life of a damsel in distress, and often kicked in the faces of the whiney princesses who sat helpless while counting on hunky men to save them. Instead, she uses her super-powers, and plump, luscious lips to defended her self and kick some evil butt. She’s learned that through that course of action, the men often come hunker and even more shirtless.

She spent years time traveling through a secret magical cave. There she met historical people and had adventures that strengthened her powers and kept her on her path to eliminating all evil.

Today, NaTahsha is still on her quest of super power-ness, evil butt kicking, flaunting of her goddess-like good looks and seducing of shirtless men.

What do you think?


Write Chick said...

Haha! Just as good the second read. :-) You are awesome.

loislane said...

Oh my gosh. This is so weird, cause that was my life too, exactly. What a coincidence.

Jojomama said...


Tahereh said...

hahaaa awesome! love it!

Reana said...

You are so creative Tasha, I wish some of that would rub off on me :)
I love the stuff you come up with.
Keep em coming.

Slamdunk said...

Wow, very creative.

Jenkins: Our Family said...

I'm so glad you put this up there. I'm stilling laughing about it!

Jenkins: Our Family said...

Opps. Wrong one. Here I am. :)