Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's a miracle!

I’ve been practicing and developing a skill, that when used appropriately can break even the meanest streaks of writers block.

Yes, it’s true! I’ve discovered the cure to writers block.

I want the world to learn this amazing skill, so that this raging torment that affects writers everywhere can be a thing of the past.

We all know how it goes, you’re writing along beautifully and then your fingers come to a grinding halt against the keyboard. You scratch your brain, scream at the computer, eat lots of cookie dough and still nothing comes out.

My friends! It doesn’t need to be that hard!

Heres the big secret:


When your mind goes blank, figure out the simplest way to get your point across and–voila!– the wall comes crumbling down and you’re writing like you never thought you could before.

Let me give you some examples so you can see the theory work.

Scene one: My characters are traveling down a tunnel. Shea is approached by a man who has not hidden his distaste for her.

He leaned over me and whispered, cold and wheezy against my ear, (Here’s where my mind went blank, and I had to employ the simplicity theory) “I will threaten you now, and you will be frightened. My character will develop and you will begin to be suspicious of me.”

See how amazing that is? I didn’t know how the character was going to get my point across, so I just made him say it as simply as possible.

Aren’t I an amazing writer?

Do you want to see another one? Its really good.

“Hello, thank you for meeting me a secret manner that is suspicious.”

“You’re welcome, though our conversation, Shea will be wary of our intentions.”

“Yes, and when horrible events unfold in the future she will suspect us as being the masterminds.”

“And now, we will laugh evilly at out despicable plans!”

I know, you’re jealous of my skills. Don’t get frustrated, you too can learn to write like me.

My latest one is my favorite:

“I will say something relevant to the situation, but somewhat strange that will show an intuitive person my real intentions.”

See, it’s easy. It takes some time and practice to develop your skills, but soon they will be as well crafted as mine.

My great friend Jo, (on my blog list as Shoveling in a Jo Storm) was aware of my amazing abilities and she shared a video with me that employed the simplicity is best theory. I rolled on the floor when I first watched it.

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

I will end my post by saying something inspiring, that will show you what an amazing writer am, make you excited to read more things from me, and most importantly, get you excited about writing too!


Jojomama said...

Laugh, laugh, laugh! Some comment on how much I enjoyed that post and how beloved you are. (=

Write Chick said...

Hahaha. . . now I will say something witty about your masterful writing skill and how you are my hero. Something smart yet witty to wrap up.
Closing statement.

Anonymous said...

Tahsh you're hilarious. I actually thought you had discovered the secret to writers block and I was going to be forever greatful. But instead I'll just be greatful for your sarcastic humor.

Reana said...

Tasha, I love it! What a great writer you are and it's awesome to see your growth. Your are AMAZING!!!

loislane said...

Brilliant. I believe Shakespeare pretty much did the same thing. :-0
I have to say though, I think you're on to something. When I get writer's block I think it is because I think I need to say something oh-so-clever. I wonder if writer's block could be our inner writer telling us not to overdo it and that a simple, straightforward sentence or two would work just fine. Hmmmm.

Christy said...

Ha! That's hilarious. But true too! I think when I get uptight and feel pressured about what I am writing that I just need to let go and write what comes out. Hey, I can always go back and edit it right?

The Empress said...

Love it, and so dang true.

KISS (keep it simple, stupid)