Saturday, November 6, 2010

What I've learned from the Epic Barn Fire of 2010

*Hay can catch on fire spontaneously.

*When 50 tons of hay, your barn, and tractor are on fire, it causes so much smoke that it can be seen all across the valley.

*Being out of the country on a cruise is an awfully inconvenient time to have a massive fire in your back yard.

*You will have calls, texts, messages on facebook, and various messages left to every member of your family from people who are concerned.

*Complete strangers will jump your fence and catch your yearling horse, who is completely freaking out, and take care of him.

*Your neighbors will come and get your dog and take him to their house, making sure he has lots of food and water.

*The City fire department has a really quick response time and they will stay late into the night.

*Putting out a hay fire takes A LOT of water.

*Your brothers, parents, and neighbors will come right over and help out, no matter what they were supposed to be doing or how nicely dressed they are.

*If you can’t be there while a trillion people are in your backyard, make sure your Dad and Step-Mom are. (especially when they know most of the cops/firefighters there.)

*It takes a lot of fans to un-smoke and un-stink your house.

*When a ton of wet, muddy, and stinky firefighters tromp through your house, make sure your Step-mom is there forcing them all to take off their boots.

*Send your three year old daughter to your Mom's house to play. She'll have a much better time, and won't be upset by the fire.

*Random smaller hay bales can burst into flames the next day.

*The fire departments response time is just as fast the second time.

*When you horse waterers are melted, you won’t have water to your house for several hours until your amazing-can-do-anything husband can fix it. (No matter how many times he swears while he’s working)

*Don’t use the toilets until your are certain that they will flush.

*When it’s all said and done, you will have a giant, stinky mess to clean up, and a large head ache from dealing with the insurance company.

*It SUCKS to deal with a fire, but as long as my hubby and daughter are safe and sound in our un-singed house, and we have such great friends and family, it makes me realize how very much I have to be grateful for!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Meet Writers Cubed!

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