Thursday, August 5, 2010

Help! They're after me!

New stories!

Ahhh! I want to dive into one so badly. All these new stories are scattered across my mind. I see breeding operations, gospel fiction and revolutionary war. Corporate espionage and imaginary worlds. Time travel and almost affairs! Dystopian, Fantasy, Adult Romance, Middle Grade, Picture books!!! Ahhhh!

I can't pay attention to them. I've got a near completed project right now, dang it. But these stories are doggie piling on my brain, and I can't focus on anything. It's like they are saying: "If you won't pay attention to us, then we won't let you pay attention to anything else." So, what do I do? Veg out on the couch in front of the T.V.
It's a good plan.

I've GOT to finish the rest of the manuscript before I can do anything, right? That's the right thing to do. *RIGHT?*

Yes. It is. I can't get a divorce and get out of this. I can't have an abortion and get out of this. I can't give up on my baby while it's skull is still developing. (all analogies I've heard used for the process of writing a book.)

I've got to get this finished.

*but not tonight. So You Think You Can Dance, a bowl of ice cream, and a snugly husband are all calling my name* Good-night tormenting new stories. I'll see you tomorrow.


Jo Schaffer said...

By all means --take a break!
I know that I am. (=

Laura Marcella said...

LOL, I know exactly what you mean!!! But none of those amazing new ideas will get written if you don't finish one at a time first. :)

Have fun taking a break tonight and good luck finishing your project!

The Urban Cowboy said...

Sounds like you definitely need a break.

Lois D. Brown said...

I hear you loud and clear. Maybe you could have just one tiny affair and go write a short story or something and then go back to it?

Daniel and Erin Palmer said...

You sound like a true writer :) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The most important thing, is that you keep writing. If you take a break from one story, keep writing with another.